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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dina Wakely Class

I was so excited to take an all day Dina Wakely class!  It was super fun and she is such an amazing artist and teacher.  She also provided a bit of art therapy... :-)   She said that she always fawns all over her art piece as she is making it ... even if she isn't really happy with the current makes it more fun and less stressful.  So the class rule was no whining.  I love it!

Here is a photo of the face she drew when teaching us about drawing faces.  Eyes in the middle.  Draw two lines.  Mid way between eyes and chin is the nose.  Midway between nose and chin is mouth.  Ears always start around the eyes and end between the nose and mouth.  Neck starts at the base of the ear...hugs the contour of the chin and then flares out toward the shoulder. 

Here is the folio and some of the pages I made...

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  1. Wow oh wow! So impressed. Love the layers, love the colors, love the faces! I especially love the beacon of hope and health. Was that a stencil or did you draw it? So jealous! (but happy for you) (but still jealous) ;)