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Friday, July 13, 2012

In Memory of Silver

A week ago, my dog Silver got an infection that she could not fight off.  She was 16.  We adopted her from the pound the day before she was supposed to be put to sleep.  Her previous owner abandoned her because she no longer produced tears, so her eyes had to be cleaned twice a day.  As a result, she was blind.  She was such a sweet dog with a few quirks.  She was terrified of loud noises and had a way of finding every trash can in the house (even empty ones) and tipping them over.  When she panicked, she would tear apart any thing near father-in-law's golf bag was an early victim.  But most of the time, she just loved to lay next to you and get her tummy rubbed.

Here is a sympathy card that my friend Jennifer made for us.  It really made me smile...

Thanks, Jen for the thoughtful card.

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  1. Deedee, That's a beautiful memorial for Silver. It's sad to lose a faithful and beloved companion like Silver, but it brings a smile when you remember their precious personalities and quirks. Keep on remembering and smiling.