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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stage One of My Ultimate Crafting Zone

You can blame it all on Mary Fish who blogged as she created her ultimate crafting zone.  I was so excited to watch her progress and eager to start my own renovation.  Thanks to my wonderful husband, my dream craftroom is about to become a reality.  New floors get installed on Wednesday so we had to move all the furniture out.  Here are some pictures of the empty mess.

Here is one side of the room.  This is where the custom ribbon and punch cabinet, work table and adhesive/embellishment cabinets will go.

This closet will be transformed into the "color"cabinet full of all the wonderful ways to add color to projects (ink, paint, reinkers, markers, glitter, Twinks, COPICs,  etc...).  I will also have a gift wrap section somewhere in this closet.
This side of the room will be work bench high cabinets to hold all types of equipment and cutters.  A computer desk will be built between the window that will have filing and also a pull out home for my Cricut.
My cutting and embossing  station will be under the window at the left.  Two built-in desks (one for my husband and one for my daughter) with lots of filing space will replace the two desks under the window in the middle.
Last but not least, the second closet in the room is a nice sized walk-in.  (Although you can't tell from the photo since it is packed with stuff that we shoved out of the way so the floors could be put in.)  This closet will be my stamp closet.  I have a collectors cabinet in on the left for my wooden stamps, a shelf for my SU unmounteds and another large self for my other unmounted stamps.  Outside the closet to the right will be my paper cabinets.  I will be using two glass front cabinets that I got from Ikea a long time ago.

I will keep you posted on progress.


  1. Problem is the next time I visit, you won't know if it is to see you or your room

  2. This looks wonderful!!! have fun!!!

  3. Oh man . . . I'm having flashbacks of this "painful" period. Hang in their, girl, and thanks for the shout out! Hugs, Mary

  4. Thanks for sharing your process. So excited to see the end result!