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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Glitter and packing tape

Want to add some sparkle to your paper arts?  Try using detailed dies to make shiny additions to your cards or layouts.

You will need a detailed metal die, die cut machine, glitter, a piece of cardstock and clear packing tape.

Using the die and die cutting machine, cut your image out of the middle of the card stock. Keep all the pieces (even the tiny ones from the "e" and "a").

Turn your cardstock upside down and place a piece of packing tape across your image.

Turn the cardstock right side up and carefully place the small pieces from the "e" and "a" in the appropriate places. The packing tape with hold it in place.

With the sticky side of the packing tape exposed, pour your glitter over the image.

Rub the glitter over the image with your finger. 

Brush off the excess glitter and you will have a glittery image ready for your paper art!

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