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Sunday, February 19, 2012

In memory

Yesterday my beloved father ended his battle with congestive heart failure and dementia. He was a simple man with a huge heart. He lived life out loud. Life was not easy for him but you wouldn't know it from the magnitude of his laughter. He managed to make the best out of what life gave him. I took to heart all that my father taught me. He was devoted to his wife and only wanted the best for his children. Although he was not a scholar, he strived each day to learn something that would better our lives. (Oprah and Dr. Phil were a daily ritual. :-) ) He had a difficult time communicating his intentions but I was able to feel his love each day. I am so blessed to have felt that much love and so sad to have lost him. Yet, I am find joy in knowing that his suffering and struggle these past few years is over. He is my hero.

Yesterday's post had been done and pre-scheduled by me over 3 weeks ago. It talks about women catching their dreams. I know that my father would want that for the women in his mother, my sister, his granddaughters, myself and all the others. I plan on honoring his memory by living my life to its fullest while always caring for others.


  1. Will always remember his barbeque and being called "mi hija." Love ya.

  2. oh my sorry to hear that, hope you are ok.

    God bless you and yours


  3. What a wonderful tribute you wrote for your father's memory. His love of life and family shines through. May that love and the love of your friends and family ease your pain at this sad time. With deepest sympathy, Mary.